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Wish List


Video system which accesses the airway and displays images in real time during surgery.

  • $65,000
Cardiotocography Machine

Monitors fetal heartbeat and the uterine contractions during pregnancy.

  • $31,000
Cosytherm System

Allows nursing of a baby in an open cot while keeping it warm and... cosy!

  • $5,900
ECG Machine

Painlessly records electrical activity of the heart.

  • $8,250
ENT Equipment

Helps with inserting grommets into children’s ears to allow drainage of fluid.

  • $30,000

To assist paediatric staff to learn and achieve competencies such as basic life support.

  • $40,000
Masimo Radical Sleep Study Monitor

Used in the analysis and diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing.

  • $14,000
Masimo Radical Sleep Study Monitor

Used in the analysis and diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing.

  • $14,000
Meditronic Nerve Stimulator

For use in Dr Hamid's theatre cases.

  • $8,000
Paediatric Bronchoscope

This device is used in the diagnosis of respiratory pathologies in children.

  • $27,846
Paediatric Hip Spica Table

The Paediatric Spica Table eases the treatment of pediatric fractures and dislocation.

  • $6,200
Paediatric Traction Beds x2

Provides optimal comfort and care for long-term paediatric patient stays.

  • $18,416
Paediatric Vital Signs Monitor

This machine provides accurate recording of paediatric vital signs.

  • $3,500
Parent Pull-Out Chair x4

These chairs convert into sofa beds for parents who want to stay with their child in hospital.

  • $13,000
PeriLynx System

Assists with predicting spontaneous pre-term birth before 34 weeks of gestation.

  • $5,000
Philips Observation Monitor

For the high acuity patient requiring constant observation by doctors when not in-room.

  • $20,000
Portable TeleMedicine System

A high-definition video collaboration system suitable for various applications.

  • $22,386
Storz 1S 3D

Used for non-invasive laparoscopic surgeries - the kids end up with NO SCARS!

  • $100,000
Video Conferencing Unit x2

To allow consultations to take place on the ward with specialists in other locations.

  • $59,199
Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor

Measures continuous SpO2, temperature and blood pressure parameters.

  • $2,000